Capital Campaign

A Message from Father Noel McGrath:

As a vibrant parish should, St. Joseph Church has continued to grow and once again needs to expand in order to serve the existing needs of our community.  After much prayerful discernment, study and discussion with parish leadership and the Diocese of Palm Beach, it has been decided to undertake a parish-wide capital campaign. 

"Building our Tomorrow ~ A Legacy of Faith" will raise funds necessary to build our new Parish Life Center as well as perform the necessary maintenance and upkeep of our Family Center, repairs to our St. Joseph School and modest improvements to our existing church.   

With that being said, you have no doubt heard that the Campaign to raise funds for renovation and new construction is well underway.  I have been privileged to work for the past several months with an outstanding group of St Joseph parishioners to lead our effort here.   They have been putting great effort and commitment into bringing our vision to all of those who call St. Joseph their spiritual home.  The Committee has put into place the necessary systems to keep you posted on where we are in the Campaign.