Carpenter's Kitchen

Coordinator:  Charlie Priore  
Phone: 772-485-2152

Volunteer Coordinator:   Anna Marie Coon, 772-285-6003

Goals and Purpose: Carpenter’s Kitchen is an outreach ministry of St. Joseph Catholic Parish. We proclaim our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ by serving the needy in our community.  We welcome and feed a wholesome hot meal to all who come to our facility.

Responsibilities: To care for those who cannot afford or are unable to prepare a good meal or those who are lonely. Carpenter’s Kitchen serves a complete hot meal every Monday evening.  The number of guests has increased significantly and we now serve about 300 meals each Monday at 5:00 PM.  Our 240+ volunteers are divided into four teams.  Each team works in three general areas: food-prep & room set up, serving and clean-up.  Volunteers further divide into 15 different job categories, allowing volunteers a variety of tasks.

Helpful attributes: Food preparation and /or serving or clean-up ability. Lifting if able.

Time Commitment: Three hours for one Monday each month. 2:00pm to 7:00pm.

Training Required: No

Fingerprinting Required: No

Meeting Location: St. Joseph Parish Family Center