Church Staff

Receptionist - Joyce Swallow, ext. 100
[email protected]

Business Manager - Sherri Carr, ext. 104, [email protected]

Coordinator of Events, Volunteers and Pastoral Assistant - Angela Trybul, ext. 109, [email protected]

Administrative Assistant to Fr. Noel - Marita Mariano, ext. 102, [email protected]

Faith Formation Director - Sr. Jadwiga Aneta Drapala, CACh ext. 107, [email protected]


Faith Formation Administrative Assistant - Bonny Condon, ext 101, [email protected]

Music Director - Michael Taylor, ext. 116, [email protected]

Director of Children's Choir and Contemporary Band - Edward White

Sacristan - Beth Carr

Sacristan - Sr. Luiza Katarzyna Mitka, CACh

Maintenance Supervisor - Ben Baker, ext. 108, [email protected]


 Admn. Assistant, Baptisms, Weddings, Bulletin - Deanna Thurlow, ext. 106, [email protected]


Rectory Cook - Deborah Elliott
Housekeeping - Magdalena Rojas

Parish Assistant - Maria Valdez, [email protected]


Sr. Anita - School Classroom Assistant and Faith Formation


Sr. Martina - School Classroom Assistant and Faith Formation