Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for Volunteers of all ages to help with Events throughout the year.  Please sign up by calling Angela Trybul at 772-287-2727 ext. 109 or  [email protected] 

All volunteers are welcome to assist in the following parish events:

New Parishioner Luncheon (every six months)

House of Hope Food Drives

Parish Thanksgiving Food Drive

Easter Food Drive

Angel Giving Tree

Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival

Caritas Christi

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Parish Picnic

Easter Egg Hunt

Parish Breakfasts

Background Screening Instructions

All Diocesan employees and volunteers ministering to vulnerable adults must undergo background screening (fingerprinting). All Diocesan employees who work with children and youth and all volunteers in programs with children and youth (teachers, volunteer parents, catechists, youth ministers, etc.) must attend the VIRTUS training workshop Protecting God’s Children and undergo background screening (fingerprinting). 

In order to begin the process, please go to the church or school office to receive permission to be fingerprinted. You will be given the Authorization to be Fingerprinted Form and instructions on how to register on the Diocese of Palm Beach website and make an appointment to be fingerprinted. St. Joseph Parish is a designated Diocesan Fingerprinting Site.


Once you have registered, call the St. Joseph Fingerprinting Office at 772-287-2727, ext. 117 to make your appointment.  You must bring the Authorization Form, on line registration receipt and a picture identification.