Adult Faith Formation

Are you searching for a deeper understanding of our faith
and are willing to delve into critical self-reflection in a community environment? 


Phone : 772-287-2727

Goals and Purpose:  This ministry is developed to help lead adults to a deeper understanding of their Catholic Faith and how it relates to all areas of their life. Our goal is to provide various opportunities in our St. Joseph Community to become mature disciples in their practice of faith and service to God and their neighbor. We provide programs throughout the year, which include Bible Study, Topical Class Presentations, Liturgical and Seasonal large and small group presentations, retreats, and prayer services.  If you have been away from the Church, Welcome Home! 

Responsibilities: To help encourage and provide opportunities to increase ones knowledge of our Catholic Faith and service to others for the love of God.

Helpful Attributes: Ability to speak or facilitate at various Adult Formation programs.

Time Commitment: Flexible.

Training Required:No

Fingerprinting Required: No

Meeting Location: Events will be announced in the bulletin and at Mass.