Anointing of the Sick



This Sacrament will be celebrated with a special Liturgy for the Sick twice a year, Lent and Advent, or in the case of immediate need, upon request.

If you are homebound and desire to be anointed, please contact the Parish Office at (772)287-2727. If the sick person is in a medical facility that provides Catholic pastoral care,  the pastoral care staff of the facility should be notified first so that Viaticum [Holy Communion for the Dying]  can be administered by the local hospital chaplain, deacon or minister of Holy Communion.   If the dying person is at a hospital that does not provide such Catholic pastoral care or dying at home, the dying person’s local pastor should be contacted to provide pastoral care for the dying. When a patient is in the hospital, please ensure you register as a Catholic so that our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion can visit you.


Sacraments 101: Anointing of the Sick (who it's for)