Anointing of the Sick



This Sacrament will be celebrated with a special Liturgy for the Sick twice a year, Lent and Advent, or in the case of immediate need, upon request.

If you are homebound and desire to be anointed, please contact the Parish Office. If the sick person is in a medical facility that provides Catholic pastoral care,  the pastoral care staff of the facility should be notified first so that Viaticum [Holy Communion for the Dying]  can be administered by the local hospital chaplain, deacon or minister of Holy Communion.   If the dying person is at a hospital that does not provide such Catholic pastoral care or dying at home, the dying person’s local pastor should be contacted to provide pastoral care for the dying. When a patient is in the hospital, please ensure you register as a Catholic so that our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion can visit you.