Confirmation Program for Catholic Teens

Sacrament preparation for the reception of Confirmation is a two-year process.  The earliest grade we begin preparation for Confirmation is Grade 8.  However, many students come to us during their high school years for the first time.  Those students will be placed in an age appropriate class for the first year, and receive the sacrament after completion of the second year of study and participation.

The Mass and the receiving of the Eucharist are the very center of our Catholic faith.  The obligation to attend Sunday and Holy Day Masses is a responsibility for all Catholics.  We expect all of our students to understand and accept this rule, which is based upon the Third Commandment.  It is of vital importance your children attend weekly Mass.  Parents, we humbly ask for your partnership in teaching your children of the importance of Mass by taking them to Church. 

Community service is a sacrifice of time.  All first year confirmation students are required to complete 15 (fifteen) hours of service during their first year preparation.  15 (fifteen) additional hours will be required during their second year as a Confirmandi.

For more information please contact us at 772- 287-2727, ext. 101