Stewardship and Planned Giving

Stewardship is generally considered to be cash gifts from one’s income.  While this type of giving is important and necessary, the truest measure of our stewardship may be the gift we make of our lives and the fruits of our labor.  The legacy begins with our hearts and minds, weaves through our lives, our time and our possessions, and culminates in our finalized estate plans.  Planned giving, also known as “deferred giving” or “charitable estate giving,” is an important way that we, as Catholics, can provide for our loved ones while also remembering the needs of our parish, catholic school or one of the life-changing ministries in which you participated.

The most popular way to leave a legacy is through a bequest in a will.  This is not as costly or difficult as it may seem, and your own attorney can accomplish it for you at a very reasonable cost.  Should you choose to remember St. Joseph Church and/or that special ministry, we can assist you and your attorney.  

A bequest is only one way to plan for the future.  Charitable gift annuities and life insurance are two additional options that not only offer lasting support for the work of the church, but may also provide you and your loved ones with significant tax and/or income benefits as well.

Should you decide to remember St. Joseph Church in your will or other estate plans, you have the flexibility to determine which ministry will receive your gift.  First and foremost, we encourage you to provide for your family.  We hope you will then choose to include a gift that benefits St. Joseph Church.  You may also elect to provide for an endowment as your planned gift.  St. Joseph Church can work with you to accomplish that goal.  With an endowment, the original gift is invested and a portion of the earnings will be distributed on a regular to the Church or to that special ministry that you have chosen to support.  In this way, your legacy continues to bear fruit and your commitment to good stewardship will always be remembered.

Remember, a bequest in your will, a charitable gift annuity, a life insurance policy, or an endowment are all ways for you to continue bearing fruit from your life of good stewardship.

If you would like to contribute to Offertory via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) please print, fill out, and return the Faith Direct Form to the church or mail it directly to Faith Direct. 

For more information, contact Fr. Noel McGrath at 287-2727.